Born in Algeria on January 29, 1935. Went to high school and college in Morocco and graduated in 1955. Attended art school and in 1959 received a Masters degree in Art and Photography from the photo school "Arts et Metiers" in Vevey, Switzerland, the prestigious photo school in Europe.

One year in Paris as the studio assistant to Sam Levin  and Choura, famous celebrity photographers.

Algeria:  Graduated from the Cherchell Infantry Academy and served in the French Army during the Algeria War as both a Press Officer and C.O.

Returned to Paris and became a portrait and fashion photographer and worked as special photographer on movie sets for MGM in Rome.

Arrived in the United States, staff photographer for Status Magazine and US Correspondent for the French based agency Reporters Associes.

Married to Eliane Lucotte. (1970: They have a daughter: Stephanie born in Nice, France, currently an artist living in NYC) 

Became the first Foreign Correspondent for the Gamma Agency and founded the US bureau of Gamma with his wife Eliane. As a photojournalist he covered the major American events of the 60's, such as the Civil Rights Movement, the Race Riots, the Viet-Nam war, the political campaigns, the peace movement, the Olympics, the White House etc..  

Co-Founder of Sygma Photo News with his wife Eliane Laffont.

In the 70's Was assigned to cover all major  events in the world especially in Asia, Africa, Central and North America.
During those years, deeply touched by the suffering children endured he decided to do a grand reportage on child labor throughout the world. The photographs he brought back from those countries are the most eloquent and cruel of testimonials, and the first global photo essay on child labor. For this, he was awarded "The Madeline Ross Award" and the World Press Award.

In the 80's JPL has covered many feature stories around the world, particularly on scientific research and world economy mostly in Eastern Europe, the USSR, China, India and Third World countries.

His work appeared in all major publications worldwide: Time, Newsweek, New York Times, Paris Match, Figaro Magazine, Stern, Bunte, Epoca, London Sunday Times Magazine, Manchete, etc..

In 1999, Corbis acquired Sygma, and JP Laffont was appointed General Director of Corbis Sygma in the US and from 2000 to 2002 he was General Manager of Gamma Press USA, Inc.


First Prize: New York Newspaper Guild, photo Magazine for his Child Labor story.

Oversea Press Club: "Medeline Ross Award" for being the first photographer to bring attention to the condition of child labor around the world.

World Press ( First Prize: General Picture category)

First Prize University of Missouri, School of Journalism.                                               

Special recognition: "World Understanding Award"

He was awarded the French National order: “Chevalier des  "Arts  & Lettres" (1996)


Retrospective of his life work at photojournalism festival: "Visa pour l'Image", Perpignan, France            


"Women of Iron" (Playboy Publisher)

“CB Bible” (Doubleday Dolphin Book Publisher)

Contributed to the book series "A day in the Life of": Hawaii, Japan, Canada, United States, Spain, USSR, California, China, Italy, Ireland, and Hollywood (Collins Publishers)

Contributed to "Trois Jours En France". (Nathan)

"The Long March" (Intercontinental Presse), in commemoration the 50th Anniversary of Mao Tse Toung historical march.

In May 2003 participate to America 24/7 in Manhattan. NY State book.

In July 2008: Book: “Jean-Pierre Laffont Foreign Correspondent.” (Editions C.D.P)